DroneViewer now supports EVO

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  1. Just wanted to let fellow EVO users know that DroneViewer v1.2.0 now supports the EVO.

    DroneViewer is a Mac/Windows video player application that maps where your drone was when the video was captured. You can geotag key points in the video and return to them later, or export them to a text file for post-processing and analysis. The Getting Started page provides instructions for the EVO.

  2. We're happy to announce that DroneViewer 1.2.4 is now available on our mydroneviewer.com website and has the following new enhancements:

    v1.2.4 Improvements and Bug Fixes:
    • The mouse can now be in the main viewer window to perform a zoom using the mouse wheel. Previously, the mouse had to be on top of the main video for mouse wheel zoom to take effect.
    • Improved layout of Map Window controls
    • [Mac] Improved font rendering in GUI panels
    • [Mac] Improved zoom behavior for users of Apple MagicMouse or trackpads.
    • [Mac] Improved support for Dark Mode
    • [Mac] Fixed ‘blank tab’ GUI issue when run under macOS Big Sur
    • [Windows] DroneViewer will no longer remind you to install K-Lite Codec Pack if you’ve installed it already.


    Screenshot from macOS verion demonstrating Dark Mode

    And here is a list of recently-added features:

    v1.2.3 New Features:
    • Added support for DJI Mavic Air 2. Note: Be sure to turn on Video Captioning in the DJI Fly app to ensure the trajectory data is written into the video files.
    • Added support for the Autel EVO 2. Be sure to turn on Subtitle .ass File Option in the AutelExplorer app.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Embedded SRT format: No longer require the videos to have uppercase .MOV or .MP4 extensions.

    v1.2.2 New Features:
    • Added support for DJI Mavic Mini. Note: Be sure to turn on Video Captioning in the DJI Fly app to ensure the trajectory data is written into the video files.
    • GPX importer now supports <time> stamps with fractional seconds.
    • GPX export now produces GPX v1.1 namespace
    Bug Fixes:
    • Prevent crash that could happen if GPX datarate is at too high a frequency.

    v1.2.1 New Features:
    • Improved compatibility with Mavic Pro 2 by supporting altitude metric (firmware v01.00.0510 required). DJI added altitude into the SRT format and DroneViewer takes advantage of it! The altitude is now shown in the Altitude Graph and numerically in the Dashboard Display. Use the DroneViewer settings to optionally change the altitude from native WGS84 values, to Mean Sea Level or AGL. Plus, DJI improved the geospatial data resolution in the latest SRT file format and Now the Mavic Pro 2 trajectory shown on the map is much smoother and more accurate than before.
    • Added support for the Autel X-Star Premium drone via the .ass file. Now both the Autel EVO and X-Star Premium are supported.

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