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Discussion in 'General' started by rhconcepts, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Hey guys I just got my new Galaxy Tab S2 tablet and im loving how bright it is. I also got it so I could use a recorder app while using the starlink app. I found this DU Recorder app free for android and this is killer. It even records the camera and audio. Im still very new to this drone stuff so if everyone knows about this im sorry. I made a video while trying it out but im just sitting inside, no flying.

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  2. checking out the app now. I have a Tab A 9" that I use connected to my phone hotspot. I bought it for under $200. edit: no issues yet whatsoever.
    From what I understand, there's an NVidia product for $200 with HDMI out that will offer the option of recording or viewing in addition to what we have mounted to the radio controller.
    Great looking pups!

    edit: also, how do the still screengrabs look on the app? This is very convenient for quick sharing!
  3. What do you mean about screengrabs? Im still a noob to this :) Is that where you download the image to the tablet while connected to the app?
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  4. Just meaning quality of screenshots on the phone side. Hey, I'm very much a noob too. ;-)
  5. Screen grabs (photo & video) work great. Been using this app for some time. Nice thing is you can turn off the water mark.

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  6. Thanks for the info. Installed app it works great on my Samsung Tab A.
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  7. How does this one compare to the AZ screen recorder? better (user friendly) or worse?

    I also am pretty much a noob on this end of it anyway.
  8. Not sure how it compares to the others, this was the first one I tried lol. So far I love it.
  9. I plan to check both side by side this weekend after work. Looking forward to options and redundancy just to learn Thanks for the tips.
  10. Shot a few videos from the app and a few pictures. I haven't found anything I don't like yet and no interference with DJI, Litchi or the Star link app
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  11. I've been using it a bit as well, and I'm going to get into the habit of starting it up with every flight. It is pretty unobtrusive, and will help me see where the drone went if I ever lose it again (I had a compass malfunction last week and am working through warranty process with Autel). I'm aching to get flying again!
  12. dont forget you can turn the camera on so it records your face and voice :) while the screen. Hope all goes well with Autel
  13. I'm also using the Du recorder app. It works great, i use it every time i fly in the event something happens due to an unexplained event not caused by me.

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