Dual battery chargers fit into case

Discussion in 'General' started by ORANGE CRUSH, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. I purchased another battery charger to charge my several batteries quicker, I found that they fit into the case so i can take them on the go. I just wanted to share this with guys who have several batteries & want to charge them 2 at a time! They have refurbished chargers on Autel's website for $29.

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  2. Several weeks ago I purchased both the refurbished charger and the refurbished controller. Both of them look and perform just like brand new units. I'm very satisfied with the purchase, and it's great to be able to charge multiple batteries in half the time.
  3. Sundog: are you able to charge your batteries with out also charging your controller at the same time? In other words can you successfully charge a battery on its own without the controller being plugged in? Thx
  4. Yes, either one can be charged independently of the other.
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  5. Or both at the same time. :)

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