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  1. Well i decided to check into a strobe light for my Autel so that i could see it easier during the day & dusk time while flying. I did a lot of research looking for a self contained unit that was bright enough to see during the day. I have a Polar Pro Gimble Guard that i mounted 2 brackets i had bent out of thin aluminum & secured with aluminum rivets (so as to not cause magnetic interference issues). I used velcro to attach 2 Firehouse Technology Cree high-intensity tri-arc white strobe lights to the brackets.(they also come in 3 colors & you can mix & match them to) I did some testing & the strobes weigh 6 grams each with battery, produce an extremely bright strobe that lasts about 6 hours, takes 45 minutes to charge using a micro usb cable. I can see it out to 1600' or farther during a sunny day & could be seen well over a couple miles at night although i haven't tried that myself yet. I'm very impressed with the strobes & the mounting of them after several different trials & errors. The weight has no issues with the Autel flying (trust me i know, i fly at 7500+ in elevation all the time where the air is a lot thinner) Also the Polar Pro gimble guard does not affect with the sonar sensors in the bottom. I took my Autel to a grassy area that was steep & it kept 2' above the grass as i made my way up the hill perfectly. Also the guard snaps onto the landing gear in 2 seconds & fits into my case next to my tablet. I just thought i would share my experience with others in the event your interested in using a strobe or strobes for additional visibility! I have attached links & pictures of my idea. Polar Pro Gimble Guard Link: https://www.amazon.com/PolarPro-Aut...1634070&sr=8-18&keywords=autel+x+star+premium FireHouse Technology Tri-Arc strobe: https://www.amazon.com/Firehouse-Te...634007&sr=8-3&keywords=firehouse+strobe+light

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  2. Very nice. I'm going to check it out, thanks for the picture and post.
  3. Your welcome, sure comes in handy to quickly locate your drone in the sky!
  4. Very Nice! I see that they are only 4 oz, so that shouldn't add too much weight and/or affect handling. Hope all is well on your side of the border (CO/UT) :)
  5. I ordered one yesterday, slow boat from China to Tehachapi CA. Should be just what I'm looking for.
  6. Just an f.y.i. the ones in china are only a 100 mah battery, the one from Firehouse Technology is a 230 mah battery, also they ship from the USA. I also noticed they came out with a 4 strobe unit the same size, these things are extremely bright, i feel even better knowing that if my ship came down in some trees i would have several hours to locate it via the strobes.
  7. Thanks O.C. I received it today, it has the 230mah battery. No documentation, says to charge for two hours. It's very bright when on, a dim blinking when being charged. I'll charge for 1 hour at first to keep from over charging.
  8. I was told 1 hr charge time & was told it is protected & cant be overcharged, i hope you have the same results i have had, how are mounting it & where?
  9. OC, I only have the white strobe so far, I think I'll mount it with Velcro on the back side of the top of the unit, just above the battery so it can be seen from above and the aft. I want to keep it away from the camera. Green and red LEDs will be placed on back landing gear, high up, to be seen from the sides. I think if I placed two more up top it would be too much.
  10. I would agree with your thoughts, i mounted mine to throw the light away from the camera also. The red & green would show which side of the ship is facing, great idea. When its all done keep us posted on your thoughts as to what you have done & how it worked out.
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  11. I ordered the Firehouse strobes too. Glad to see they work well, cant wait to get them. I plan to mount on top , not so much for me to see but for other aircraft in my area. I also fly on the oregon coast and the USCG helo flys by everyday at about 500 ft., whew, I keep my ears open for them.

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