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  1. The "edit" function seems to be not working on originating thread posts. I can edit replies, but not the OP. Is this WAI?
  2. I've been able to edit posts until there's a reply. After that there's no edit button on the original.
  3. I'm now seeing that I can't edit my replies either. This unfortunate and makes the other thread I posted significantly less useful. lol
  4. Hoping you can change the 15 min post edit time limit to a respectable amount of days so a user can correct typos and edit information that may change to allow for accurate posting of information.
  5. What he said , most forums are indefinitely.
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  6. It is restrictive, I won't be posting anymore until a permanent edit button is supported for all posts.

    Thanks AF
  7. Cannot stress the importance of changing these edit restrictions on posts. Cannot understand why it has not been addressed.
  8. Why do you guys want to edit posts? Once the post is published, there is a 15-minute time frame available to be able to correct any typos, and information correctness can be addressed in further replies. I understand there are exceptions like the Starlink Compatible Devices thread, where a permanent ability to edit is a necessity.

    Ability to edit posts can make further replies irrelevant and break the flow of discussion.
  9. Many of us have posted things on forums that contained errors, were embarrassing, were considered inflammatory or insulting to others and we would like to go back and change these posts.

    Moreover, we require that ability. You have already seen Quagmire, a very knowledgeable member with a lot to contribute to this form say he will not post here again until edit feature is fixed and he has not. If you do not change your edit policy, you will lose a lot more members.

    I often edit my posts to eliminate errors I see days later, or to remove a comment that someone felt was insulting(when it was never meant that way-dark humor). Most importantly when we provided advice, specs or other as we recalled them and later realized we were wrong and want to fix the original post so no one damages their equipment taking advice from an erroneous post because they followed bad advice because they didn't read the correction announcement two pages further in the thread.

    Your blind insistence on refusing to change the edit function time limit & to preserve the flow of conversation will do your Forum much more harm than good, is absurdly rigid & shortsighted, will foster unnecessary continued arguments between members, risk damage to user equipment in modding threads or post, and foster discontent among members so you can exert you control over your membership. Is it really worth it? Seriously.
  10. What he said.
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  11. This is true but forum members (me included) want the capability. I will quote a previous message if it's important for context. If the original message is edited. the quoted part will stay unchanged. More problems are created by a lack of an edit capability than are solved by removing it.

    This site needs contributing members to be useful and to live up to its potential. I would like to see a lot of Autel users on FaceBook move here.
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  12. Since there are many backers for this, enabling the edit function tomorrow.
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  13. Thank You Admin.
  14. Thank you Admin.
  15. Thanks

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