End of one World

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  1. I post my first "serious" video, finally I mean by which I spent time to edit and produce.
    I have my drone only for 2 months so still feverish on some maneuvers but confidence is established.
    I am a taker of any advice of course.
    Note: In this video there are some plans that are made to reflex, those that were not feasible in drone (shots at night and inside the abbey).

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  2. Very nice video. Can I ask what your settings where on the camera? Maybe I missed it.
  3. Thanks Jagerbomb52,

    My setting are :

    resolution : 4K 30fps
    Format : MP4
    Style Custom : +1 +1 -1
    WB : Auto
    Color : none
    EV = -0.3

    I use polar filter ND4 (here ND4) to ND16 depending on whether the weather is cloudy or sunny
    Like that the shutter have a good speed rather low for the image is not too digital

    I use Cyberlink Power director.
  4. Nice video, nice location, and well edited.
  5. Really nice video, thanks for sharing. Hope to see more videos of Historical sites or Places of Intrest. Things or Places around the world that most people would never see or even knew existed.
  6. Thank you very much for your comments !
    I will try to share with you the beautiful sites of my little corner of Europe.
    For now i am forced to inactivity (due to surgery on the shoulder, not because of the piloting of the X-Star !), but as soon as I have time and recover good health, l'll send you new images of the The other side of the duck pond!
    In the meantime, I can admire your videos and photos of X-Star and flysafe !

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