Evo-1 with mega package for sale

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    Ships from Tampa, Florida Area

    Autel Evo-1 great condition, never crashed. Has been flown about 20 times, batteries all cycled and maintained correctly. Never took batteries under 15% charge.

    Package includes:

    Evo-1 drone with rugged bundle
    4 Batteries
    4 spare props
    Autel 4-Battery Charging Hub
    Autel Car Charger
    PolorPro lenses ND4/ND8/ND16
    (2) Controllers - One stock and one with Raptor SR antenna installed
    Autel lighting system complete with charging cables
    Autel soft case
    Firehouse Red strobe light with underbelly mount included
    Autel drone has 3D leg extensions (easily removable)
    3D- controller sticks protector and both controllers have the back A/B button protectors
    Includes (6) 3D printed battery terminal protectors
    Factory phone cables included plus two upgraded cables for both Apple and Android phones

    ((Drone looks and functions great- zero issues. Selling because I am in the process of getting an Evo-2 Dual))

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  2. Greetings!

    I'd be happy to purchase your kit if you would be able to facilitate shipment to Canda, @ my cost of course...
  3. PM me and we can discuss further.

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