EVO 2 Pro wildlife pictures

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    8423D1A9-4836-4CD7-B3E6-7D641DFFA9EB.jpeg 2D410085-7C0B-4307-BB81-23D15AC01E01.jpeg AE5CD07B-7D48-4F9F-8C2D-D3A53AD4A37F.jpeg View attachment 530 7110DD7E-73E8-470E-8419-958000E96978.jpeg C01A36A0-5FAA-4715-8FC6-7DFDF6BD74C1.jpeg C29FA201-FC05-4EF2-B14C-A941D31A72B1.jpeg 2B36FB24-C7AD-4B55-8CE1-A4A1837CA084.jpeg 786EA1CB-E6D0-4170-B561-0330FDD49F88.jpeg Here a few screen shots pictures taken off video with Evo 2 Pro, with the exception one was taken with Mavic 2 Pro. Resolution isn’t that great, was using 1280P and after screen shots from video and then cropping them down for easy uploading resolution was greatly reduced.

    One of the pictures shows a white crane flying, somehow came up behind as it was lifting off. A few rabbits, One squirrel and remains of a Native American village.

    I’ve got so much to learn with the Evo 2 Pro with its camera settings, fortunately have good flying skills to maneuver up, down and sides of rough mountain terrain. Evo 2 Pro is terrific, handles extremely well maneuvers like a smaller drone in tight areas. Do what to add, Evo 2 Pro is very quiet for its size, may even be quieter than Mavic 2 Pro. Transmission signal is impressive, it’s no occusync 2 but it punches a strong signal to get in tough positions to take amazing video or pictures. No regrets getting Evo 2 Pro, definitely has its strengths.

    Please bear with me, eventually I’ll be posting video once I get situated.

    Thanks for checking out the pictures
  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. Got my EVO 2 Pro yesterday. Hope to post some quality photos also.
  3. Thanks Shinespal,

    You're going to enjoy the Evo Pro 2, it’s a terrific piece of equipment.

    Have patience, has a learning curve especially with camera settings, settings to smooth out flight so it maneuvers smoothly from stick movements, etc.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask for help, we’ve all been there with the learning curve.

  4. Was the Blue Heron on the post shot with the EVO? My favorite of the group.
  5. Can’t remember now, pretty sure it was the Evo 2 Pro, May have been with the Mavic 2 Air.

    Evo 2 Pro is my favorite of the bunch, mainly due to flight stability which is terrific and camera.

    Good luck and enjoy the Evo 2 Pro
  6. Once captured a picture of a Roadrunner in the area of a Native American Indian village, I’ll try and dig it up and post it. Wasn’t the greatest shot, smoke from recent fires and distance from Roadrunner picture wasn’t too clear.

  7. Here’s two more, different location picture was taken.

    2423D91E-8646-4675-B538-96E8BF822DA5.jpeg CA1AD0D3-D345-4370-8698-2F4209374499.jpeg
  8. Found it, Roadrunner. Evo 2 Pro pictures. FB1179CC-C07F-4552-9C91-A58B949FF9C9.jpeg

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