EVO and ANAFI ~ First flights

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  1. Okay. One flight isn't nearly enough to evaluate any drone. But, here are my first impressions:

    Likes: Top notch build quality. Great fit and finish. Robust, very aggressive and capable in flight. No noticeable control lag. No issues with video feed or control connection. No noticeable video lag. Nicely thought out RC, feels good in the hands. Digital zoom nice till 4X. OLED screen on RC very sharp. Image on Phone very sharp.
    Dislikes: Camera gimbal protector is very difficult to remove & install. Rear cover on AC came completely off first time I opened it. Camera will not point up at all, straight ahead only (I couldn't find any setting to change this) Object avoidance a nuisance!! Kept beeping after liftoff till I was 50 feet high. AC wobbled while descending (moving forward while descending)

    Likes: Upward facing camera. NO Props in the picture! Nice simple design. Build quality decent. Lightweight. Flew well (until lost connection) Very quiet. RC built well. Picture quality nice. ZOOM!! Image on monitor good without noticeable latency.
    Dislikes: Remote holds phone loosely and had to take off phone case. Video feed breakup often. Lost connection at only 50M high and 110M away. Often lost control and it would just hover. Initiated RTH at 40M high and 60M away. Battery takes very long to charge. Auto launch & Land. (I prefer to do this manually) AC feels delicate.

    Sample pics. All were resampled to reduce file size except the ones marked uncompressed. Those were just cropped down until they were around 1.5mb to show image detail. None of them were altered otherwise. (No color corrections or other post alteration. Straight from the camera.)

    Pictures from EVO:
    evo1.JPG evo2.JPG evo3.JPG evo4.JPG evo5.JPG

    Pictures from Anafi:
    ana1.JPG ana2.JPG ana3.JPG ana4.JPG ana5.JPG
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  2. I agree with pretty much everything you said about the EVO except under disagree I thought the gimble cover was a lot easier to remove/install then the factory one on the XSP. I believe the rear cover on the AC is designed to come off completely (almost lost mine on first removal). I would like to see the cover come off completely on the controller, gets in the way of the USB cable.
  3. I have no issue with the gimbal cover. It's just technique. Once you get it... you got it. The rear cover comes off completely so is a non issue.
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    Good review.
  5. yeah the cover on the controller is a pita, but not nearly as frustrating as the SD card cover I carry a plastic tool, you know the one to pop connectors open on electronics, otherwise, my nails are not long or strong enough to open it with out a bit of hurt.
  6. I use a mini (pocket) flat tip.
  7. I have no problems with it. I open the cover with my thumbnail, then remove the card using that same thumbnail. Yes, it is stout to open the door... but one downward and outward motion and it's open. There is a lip on the top of the card, thumbnail pulls it right out. Now...if I didn't have a thumbnail... granted it would require a nail file or something. It can't be as bad as the reported problems of the Mavic Air... that is truly a never ending whine session.

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