EVO APP! First look!

Discussion in 'EVO' started by drone-works, May 23, 2018.

  1. We met with Autel today and got a first look at the new remote and new app for the EVO!

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  2. Cool! That must be my Evo.... on order through Drone-Works.... go ahead and ship it to me guys....
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  3. Hi everyone, It would be nice to get some bone from anyone with the EVO, c'mon Autel show us you're still alive and surely there must be something you could
    throw at us beside the usual we're close rambling . It doesn't take much to keep our hopes up.

    Oh well thanks anyway,

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  4. According to the video, the remote does NOT fit a tablet, which is strange, because I talked to Autel some weeks ago and was told it will fit a tablet up to 6" high. Maybe we could get some clarification.
  5. I certainly hope on your sizing assumption for tablets but not overly concerned since it was mentioned in the video that later subcontractors would
    come with new sizes and any new offerings would be easy since it is held with just a small bolt.
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  6. " it is held with just a small bolt"
    This also concerns me a little, how can one small bolt hold a tablet securely. OK, with the build in display, we might not even need a tablet, but for older users like myself with not so perfect eyesight it could become a concern.
  7. The Autel xsp controller has just one bolt holding a tablet or phone, no need to make it heavy duty.
  8. Thank you for your reply
  9. In one of the videos the Autel CS guy said that someone will make a 3rd party add on to except bigger tablets. With all the 3D printing guys out there I am sure it will not take long.

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