EVO Freight Train passing

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  1. I'm working on a train video and started some clips, this is a straight from the SD unprocessed, no sound
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  2. I like it! I'm taking some train footage myself. I'll be heading to a neat place with a RR bridge ASAP so hope to get some good video there. Nice footage!
  3. just did a couple of more clips of the Brightline and another freight train, I'll probably be on this for a week then duck tape it all together :eek: no bridges nearby :(
  4. Excellent video. Sure shows the fantastic photo-clarity of the EVO camera. Very impressive. It would be sort of cool if you could fly your drone ahead of the train, while pointing at the train. Then, stop the drone over the moving train, wait for the end of the train, then turn around and follow the train for a bit. That's your homework assignment. :)
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    LOL that is coming, these are just clips to be edited together, my main subject is the rapid transit commuter train they call the bright line down here, I already have another freight train clip where I follow it for a bitand have a few brightline clips, I might upload the other freight train tonight this is a fairly long term project, however sun light is changing and will conflict with my schedule soon as the sun goes down in the horizon with the changing season, so I have to get all clips I need here soon. Your homework assignment is great, love constructive criticism and suggestions, I am a novice after all.

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