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  1. Went for a little ride last night, was taking some pics close to my house. Some people stopped by so I set the return to home and set controller down for a couple minutes to greet everyone. Grabbed controller couple minutes later after not having heard the drone buzz that I was expecting and saw it was a mile away!!!!! Stopped return to home and tried to fly and it kept turning around in the opposite direction, couldn't make it fly in the direction I wanted it to. tried return to home again and it went in the opposite direction again. After fighting with it for what seemed like an eternity the battery went low and it landed a mile from home in thick woods!!!!! I can't begin to explain my frustration. Can't log into to autel app, sent email last night called and left message a short while ago...hoping for call and some help. W....T....F
    I'm afraid I'm not going to get much in the way of help but hoping for the best. 3 weeks old, thousand dollars......GONE
  2. Any follow up on this? Did you hear from Autel?
  3. Just actually, a week later. They have determined that at the high elevation I was flying there must have been winds higher then the evo could overcome. Fortunately I use a tablet and the autel app when flying. I was able to login to the app and see data, and last known coordinates. I will say that I am very impressed as I found the evo at the exact coordinate that was last recorded with no damage!! Half mile from the road in thick woods, somehow it landed between trees and reached the ground unharmed. When I say exact coordinate I mean within a foot of the last known coordinate!!
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  5. Any idea what the wind speed was? Have you had any issues since that flight?
  6. No issues since. I can assume that wind speeds were very high. They also told me it appeared wind speeds were higher than the evo could overcome as it was pointed at home but couldn't get there. Let's just say I learned a lesson about extreme elevation
  7. Any followup regarding this?
  8. Cool :cool: thanks for the info TYREMYKE. Mine was delivered this week will have a chance to play with it this weekend :).

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