EVO has arrived

Discussion in 'News' started by bjtap, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Dang! I shoulda waited. Just bought the Mavic on Christmas :(
  2. I can see another DJI lawsuit happening. Sure is a pretty bird though.
  3. Looking good. I can't wait to get more info and some reviews.
  4. Some specs for the EVO

  5. Wow, just Wow!
  6. We've been "baited" before......CES 2017......Camera....IR.....never came to fruition.....
  7. I don't get it, if the "EVO" has arrived where is it? I just came from the autel website and there is no mention of it so evidently it is here just not for sale?
  8. Like Apple products. It's announced but you can't get one for weeks or months.
  9. Will they continue the X-Star line too? They have been out of stock on the Autel site for quite a while again. I'm looking to purchase another XSP soon.
  10. Best buy has them in stock.
  11. I'm glad I held off on a Mavic. Maybe I'll put the XSP up for sale and see about getting one of the EVO's. Be nice to be more compact.
  12. Great looking Machine, will wait a little to see what everyone has to say B4 jumping into adding an other drone to the fleet.
  13. I will wait for it,,
  14. Yes.....if there aren't upgrades to the X-Star it becomes a dead end drone. I couldn't wait for Autel to come through with the promised cameras and bought a Phantom 4 Pro....it's a very capable drone that also has a lot of 3rd party software available making it much more functional then the X-Star. So Autel could upgrade X-Star's camera and promote software development making it a versatile platform or they do nothing and leave everyone who bought one hanging.....and worse, it's value and price probably plummet. Not a customer inspiring company if they dead end the X-Star. The Evo, looks nice has good specs. and someone looking for a Mavic Pro might consider it,,price? availability? But for serious business use, it's just one more me too drone when compared to the DJI offerings. If Autel wants to move beyond casual users they need a more versatile drone.

    No upgrades to the X-Star and my two will be on Ebay and I'll chalk up the purchase as a drone learning curve.
  15. EVO is now showing on the Autel website. There are a few videos but not much information as yet. I did not see specs or pricing at the time I looked.

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