EVO HDR, how many brackets and exposure settings?

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  1. What I understand the EVO has only 3 bracketed exposures, and this is done "automatically". so I assume you set your exposure auto or set up personally and the camera takes a stop up and a stop down from your set exposure. I have been using Photomatix, what other apps are available other than Adobe Lightroom.
  2. I have been using easyHDR3 It does a good job for me. Dixie 3.jpg
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  3. thanks I will have a look at that. Nice image clean and crisp, not overdone. So for HDR in EVO you just set your exposure to what you want and that it. ? you get 3 images 3 stops from each other. I did my first EVO job for a client sunset over their property and they were happy. the issue is I wasn't sure if I was getting the best our the camera. There is not a lot of EVO HDR vids out with guys just chatting and sharing info.
  4. Your right. In the easy HDR I almost always use the natural setting once in awhile I will use the enhanced natural. I used Phtomatix for a long time with my Canon I don't think there is much difference in the programs. Good Luck
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