Evo II altitude reading way off

Discussion in 'EVO 2' started by Hugh Jass, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. I noticed that the altitude reading on my controller seams way off. So I did a test. I have an antenna marked at exactly 37.5 feet AGL. Took off from nearby (No altitude difference from antenna location). Lined the camera up exactly with the beam of the antenna. And the display shows 50 feet!. That's wayyyyyyy off. If that error is linear, the unit would indicate 500 feet, when it's actually at 375 feet. WTF?

    I know GPS altitude is far more accurate than that on my other devices. Anybody else notice this? Is there a solution? Any way to calibrate?
  2. Never mind. It seems to have fixed itself. Reads pretty accurately now. Don't know if the issue was the Evo II, or an issue with GPS satellites. It's within two feet now, so I'm happy.

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