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Discussion in 'EVO 2' started by Nick Lombardi, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. So for 3 hours, I tried every possible way to charge the remote for the EVO II I just received. In the remote there are two ports to charge, a square one and a typical USB.. not sure if this is the same as the EVO I or not, never flown one. Since the USB end goes into the charger itself the other are micro USB male ends, neither of which are square. My initial thought was square peg, square hole but not in this case. I put in the Micro USB adaptor upside down pushed inward and it worked, charged fully.. Anybody else scratch their heads or just me on this? I was hesitant to try it because I didn't want to damage the female portion of the controller... Anyway.. waiting for the weather to break here in VA to give this thing a rip.
  2. Hello Nick,

    I’m a new Autel flyer myself, purchased my first Autel an Evo 2 Pro this week. I noticed that too with the controller charge port, at the time couldn’t locate the cables in the box so I dug up my own charge cable, luckily found one that fits that tiny port. Was worried I could damage it with wrong cable, but it worked. Later, found the cable in my box kit.

    So far so good, two flights and I’m enjoying the Evo 2. Flies like my Mavic 2 Pro, solid and smooth.

    Good luck with yours,
  3. I'm having the same issue making sense of the cables to charge the remote controller. For the price of the entire bundle it should come with the correct cables.
  4. Take the cable that is flat on one side, rounded on the other and insert flat side facing up. Took me a while however that is what works. You will not have two ends that match, its the one that looks like a normal android phone charger and use it flat side up.

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