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Discussion in 'EVO Lite' started by Suren Munoo, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. I am a long time Dji pilot and currently fly the Mavic 3 as well but went out and bought the Lite+ today. I have picked up issues with this drone and hopefully this is the official Autel forum that can help me move forward with this drone so that I can enjoy it.
    1. The OA system at 40 meters high or even higher picks up obstacles at 6 meters in front of the nose, as shown on the screen - Why is this- is there a problem with the OA system that will be fixed with an update?
    2. My iPhone 13 Pro Max, when using the Dji Fly app or Go4 does not dim the brightness down so badly that I cannot see what is on the screen but with he Autel app it does this. I have this set to max on the phone and auto brightness is turned off when flying-is this going to be fixed in an update?
    3. When shooting a HyperLapse on a full battery it only allowed me 50 shots with no options to increase that or manoeuvre the camera while the shooting is in progress - The app also does not allow me to move to video mode or photo mode when the hyper lapse shooting is completed, I have to shut down the app and open again to be able to use other features.
    4. When shooting in video mode, I cannot enter the settings menu - Why is that?What if I wanted to change my homeport I would need to stop recording , change it and start recording again. That is too much of an issue and needs to be fixed.
    5. The drone does not have follow me mode-Why? The launch videos etc show follow me mode. Is this a feature still to come or am I missing something.
    6. The advertised flight time on the drone is 40 minutes- should it not show me 40 minutes on the battery life display instead of 29 minutes on a fully charged battery?

    The drone is a very solidly built drone and looks good and seems to handle well but it seems that your software on the drone and the app itself is not fully ready and needs tweaking to have a perfect drone. I hope that Autel is not like Dji and you guys listen to your customers and fix these issues pretty quick.
  2. Wow, this drone really has issues. Yesterday during an RTH at 65 meters height the drone just stopped mid air detecting obstacles but none was there. This is very dangerous because if this had happened when the drone had lost connection it would not have returned at all would have resulted in a lost drone and my $3000NZD gone.
  3. No support - WOW it seems that Autel support is non existent on this site. Is this Autel official site or not? Anyone !!!! Might as well return the drone then.

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