Evo lite plus range and transmission

Discussion in 'EVO Lite' started by Ryan, Jan 1, 2023.

  1. Just picked up the lite plus and right away noticed a couple issues. The range is FAR less than advertised and I seem to get a little torque issue when first starting ( this may be normal? ). I flew over a marina today and got maybe 7000 ft away before the transmission signal was lost, also noticed that the actual video recorded was jerky and had a lot of pixelations and fuzz when I tried to turn the drone around. Also noticed that the 6k doesn't look that great but again that may be the playback quality as I'm downloading to me old Galaxy note ten. I'm used to older 1080p drones but so far the footage I get from my old parrot seems on par if not slightly better. Long story short I bought this primarily for the better range and video but If it can't deliver I may return it and go with a DJI product. Any thoughts or advice from the more experienced flyers?

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