EVO low light test

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by mixchief, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Test of EVOs low light performance. This short video was a quickie that shows descent performance, however 10 minutes later I snapped a photo in of course lower light and just was much noisier than I hoped, what with the 3200 ISO top it looked to me like I was looking at a 6400 ISO or higher photo, not in love, just not a match to it's daytime prowess as far as I'm concerned. You be the judge, at this point in time the video was much better than the still 10 minutes later, This video I believe was shot at ISO 1800. Now just to be fair, I had an ND6 filter in as I do most of my flying in the daytime and today I just wanted to get the bird up in the air before all light was gonne, but I also wanted to force 3200 ISO to see what it would do. I will follow up with the 3200 shot in "none" color mode tomorrow.
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  2. I shot some video at night on my EVO at 1080p and it was kinda blurry. I never had this issue with my X-Star premium at night.

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