EVO Propeller Guards

Discussion in 'EVO' started by cappy, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Another quality Autel product! Where my bird is often flying 'Up close and personal' to houses, trees and other drone eating objects, prop guards seemed like a good investment. I was overly impressed with the EVO prop guards from Autel. Not flimsy junk! Autel has provided some very rugged prop guards, constructed with a very durable and flexible material. The little bird looks and is a lot bigger with these guards, but field testing has already reaped benefits in getting close up details of roofs. I have no relationship with Autel, just a huge fan of the thought they put into this great little bird and their accessories.
  2. I recently received my Evo, haven't flown yet, but it came with these guards. I was wondering if this type of accessory is commonly utilized. Can you bump something without damage, did you experience this?
  3. IF in doubt, fly with prop guards, at least initially. I fly just for fun with a lot of drone eating trees all around. Drone holds up fine with guards, saves it from the occasional bump into things. You lose a bit of speed and it is more sensitive in wind, but overall they work out great. (Had to pay for a new camera before I stated using prop guards)

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