Evo release date?

Discussion in 'EVO' started by bjtap, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Sure would be nice if this were true (I hope it is). I contacted Carolina Dronz earlier this week and flat out asked them if they knew any thing on the release date and all they told me was that autel is maintaining there original time frame. Another thing they told me was that I am at the top of there pre order list so if this video is true I should have mine in a couple of weeks.
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  2. "IF true"...meh...next week is the beginning of the 2nd quarter, the time when AR announced the Evo will be released. Like the rest of you, I'm excited. But by golly, I'm in no rush as my XSP does everything I need already and does them flawlessly at that. But I digress. The countdown begins Easter Sunday.
  3. I checked it out and sorry to inform but it is BS
  4. Yeah...more 'fake news'.
  5. Until AR contacts me directly informing me the new "bird" is here, it's all BS......
  6. I'm beginning to think the EVO is a unicorn

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