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  1. Me too! Good Props!
  2. let's see how long it takes, I'm not feeling warming fuzzy, still no word of shipping
  3. Got the word, ready for pickup by USPS, unfortunately I don't think they'll get to me in time, EVO and me will be traveling with NO spare props eeks
  4. Confusing, some replacement blades not color coded. found one colored white band that was supposed to be 8329CW, actually had a 8329CCW blade. Check to assure blade you are replacing is a 8329CW or a 8329CCW. On the positive side, found that EVO blades are quite robust, can take a lot of hits with no chips or fractures. (trees and learning curve do not go together!)
  5. They changed the coding;white is same as red used to be
  7. So now you put White banded props on red banded motors? Sounds like a manufacturing or QC mix-up to me.
  8. A note from Autel webpage......

    * Users should be aware that we have made a minor change to the indication color on the propellers. The change from a red indication to a white color is now visible. This change does not impact flight performance and can be interchanged between current propellers with red indicator markings.
  9. Got a link to that web page?
  10. Yeah the link is in the first post of this thread. Scroll down and it's in red.

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