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  1. From the manual:

    The aircraft will land automatically when entering any
    Take-off Restricted Zones
    . If the aircraft enters any
    Altitude Restricted Zones
    , its maximum
    allowable altitude will be reduced accordingly. Pay special attention to the
    warning messages displayed on your app

    That's scary! It'll land... period? What if you accidentally run into one of these areas? I don't think I ever would personally but, shouldn't it just warn then RTH instead? Not being able to takeoff if already in these areas is one thing but, I'd think it should not allow entry at all if already in the air. Couldn't landing in these areas create a problem?
  2. Probably better to have it make a nice landing there, rather than be shot down. :)
  3. Tried to do a copy and paste but my tablet wouldn't let me. Labrat, on the same page you copied that text from there is another statement that says these restrictions are only for countries that require them it also says China is the only one.

    6.1.2 Flight restrictions (page 43 second paragraph)
  4. OK. I see it above where I copied. In simply skimming the text for "no fly zones", my search function skipped right to the paragraph under those statements. Can't help thinking this may come to the USA sometime in the future though.
  5. Take a good look at the section on "Data Usage and Storage". What are y'alls take on that?

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