Extended Range Antenna

Discussion in 'EVO' started by Drone Hick, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. I had been having issues in my area (residential area) with signal interference. In some directions I was loosing video signal at 1600 feet or less and the the best I was getting was 4200 feet. Keep in mind this was due to what I believe was heavy interference from home WIFI and several radio/cell towers in my area.

    After seeing several U-tube postings, I picked up a 4hawks Raptor SR antenna. The results have been better than I had hoped.

    In my neighborhood, going the same direction that previously I was loosing total signal at 1600 feet, I was now able to get to over 4000 feet that direction.

    Going the direction that previously I was getting 4200 feet before video loss, I was able to go out to 7000 feet and still had signal left. I actually turned around but I could have gone further.

    Took it to a park about an hour from my house where is was a much more open area, and hit over 9500 feet and still had 4 bars of signal. I came back due to not wanting to push it with the battery.

    This was a good upgrade and I can truly out-fly the battery now. I am sure if I had a large open area I would be getting 10000-12000 feet based on signal bar but I am not going to chance that distance and then having to search for the drone due to the battery going out. I have never landed with less than 7 minutes remaining to give you an idea of battery life. I get about 21-22 minutes actual flying time and can land with just over 7 minutes remaining.
  2. I installed the 4Hawk Raptor SR soon after I acquired my Evo and so far it has worked great. In an open area I can fly over 3 miles out and still have signal (had to return due to battery limit). The other great thing is I can fit the RC and Evo into the bag perfectly.

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