FAA & Autel Registration of EVO - which S/N to use ?

Discussion in 'EVO' started by Mark R Smith, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. We acquired a 2nd EVO as a backup. The first one had original packaging so we used the EV5STDOR S/N.

    This EV5STDOR S/N worked for both the FAA and Autel product registration.

    However, the 2nd EVO has no original packaging and the only thing similar to a S/N I can find under the battery pack is an "IC" number which starts with 20910-EVO... This number works for FAA registration, but not in the Autel registration. In the absence of the original packaging, what S/N should be posted with the FAA registration? What with the Autel registration?
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    And the answer is:
    For FAA registration use the EV... number printed with the QR code under the battery.
    For Autel product registration use the Aircraft SN, ESS...

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