FAA Reauthorization Bill Approved

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    A five-year reauthorization bill was approved by the House on Friday:


    The AMA's press release and concerns about "inclusion of alternate language relating to Section 336".


    Just a thought: How will these regulations affect things like kites? I've seen some kites that would surely qualify as UAV's, and some are flying higher than my drone is allowed.
  2. " The new bill will impact both commercial unmanned aerial vehicle operators and hobbyist drone pilots. For instance, the reauthorization bill allows the FAA authority to regulate hobbyist drone users. "
    I wonder how they are going to regulate it for the hobbyist, if anything is going to change besides having to register it.
  3. There are some scary uncertainties hovering over us hobbyist, fun-flyers. Anytime the Govt. starts talking about regulating stuff like hobbies, I get nervous. There are things I used to do in my younger days without worry that are now regulated or illegal. Just like with drones, this was partly if not largely due to irresponsible and inconsiderate individuals.
  4. The younger days was better than what is going on right now, in my opinion. lol
  5. Totally agree!

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