FAA Starts Rollout of LAANC Initial Prototype Evaluation

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  1. I posted this on another site. We (my buddy and I) gave the system a pretty thorough workout. We took the T-6 to San Jose (South of SFO).

    Here's what we did and found out.
    1. We did not tell ATC of our intention prior to arrival
    2. We were in communication with one another via cell up until the time I departed.
    3. He used his cellphone and applied (online) for approval to operate in the selected airspace.
    4. He received electronic approval before I could get the T-6 fueled - complete with an approval id issued from ATC.
    5. When I called ground control for taxi clearance, I was told that approved drone operations were in progress with the location and expected time frame.
    6. Upon receiving departure approval from the tower, I received the same notification.
    7. While I was in the pattern, he requested an extension of his previously filed flight plan, which he received within 60 seconds.
    8. When his flight plan extension had been approved, I received notice from ATC of the extension.
    9. Yes, there were typos in the the authorizations and digital alerts. Get over it.
    10. Afterwards, we called someone in the City of San Jose City office and asked if they had received a notice from ATC of our operations. It took awhile to receive confirmation, but they had. And the extension as well.
    11. No police, FAA officials, Airport Security showed up. There were a couple of kids curious about the drone and wondered if they could watch. The saga continues........
    12. No drones or operators were injured in conducting this test
    I was impressed. My buddy works for the FAA and submitted a report of our efforts.

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