Failed EVO distance test, very frustrating

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  2. it's illegal/dangerous to fly beyond line of site. folks really need to stop doing this.
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  3. Sorry guys, I deleted the video as vanity got the best of me and when I saw my fugleh mug again and again decided it didn't work, I will take the time to actually edit in footage from the SD card just cuz it looks so good and upload again relinking it here.
  4. While this is true, I see no reason someone can't do long distance on their own property if they have that kind of space, and there are no airports or other restricting factors around. Other examples might be flyiing out in the middle of nowhere like the desert. Here in Texas there are lots of huge ranches and open, flat land. I have access to several and see no reason to limit my distance. The responsibility is mine. There is nothing to get damaged other than my drone. I do, of course, have permission to fly on other people's ranch property.

    I'm not trying to diminish what you say because it's true that LOS is the "legal" way to fly. Just that some of us do have access to places where we can test the distance limit without consequence to anyone but ourselves.

    Cheers and Good Flying!
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  5. thing is, if it's your property that doesn't keep a helicopter from flying through it.

    be safe people. fly within line of sight, don't fly in no-fly zones, and yield to manned aircraft.

  6. That video is at a beach in Florida. A place where helicopters can be expected to fly, and at lower altitudes. In that case, the drone pilot was within his legal altitude. The helicopter was lower than 500-ft but as I said, I could expect them to be lower in an area such as this. In any case, a helicopter could hit you, or you it, no matter if you are LOS or not.
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  7. OK video is back, sorry I had to remove it, but I just didn't like the way it looked with my ugly face on there

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