Failsafe (no GPS/Videolink)- Do I switch to ATTI mode to bring pumpkin back?

Discussion in 'General' started by Uptempos, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. I am a new drone owner, and the XSP is my first drone. Been reading the manual and vidoes thoroughly before my first maiden flight.

    I am very curious and want to know failsafe situations.
    If the drone for some reason loses GPS mid flight in the air, is the best bet to switch to ATTI mode and try to manually fly it back?

    This is assuming that the drone has lost GPS signal >10 secs when its hovering, and its about to land right there on the spot. To override this, is ATTI mode the best method to recover?
  2. That would be the best bet if it is about to land. If it were out quite a ways, IOC would probably be better to steer it home.
  3. If you lose GPS it automatically goes to ATTI mode (once GPS is back it automatically goes back into GPS mode). Just remember when you switch out of GPS mode it will no longer use the home mark on the map as your RTH location and you'll need to fly it back manually or switch back into GPS mode for the RTH feature to work correctly.
  4. From the manual, IOC only works in GPS mode.

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