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Discussion in 'General' started by rixxie33, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Has anyone ever had that fan go on while charging the battery?
    I have 9 charges on one battery and for the first time charged my second one.
    One after the other fan never turned on.

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  2. Yes all the time. I can find no rhyme or reason for it. Five batteries, four chargers, I've never felt any warmth on any of them when the fan comes on. Totally normal.
  3. I have only used my stock charger maybe 3 times and come to think of it I have never heard or seen the fan come on. Maybe just not paying that close of attention to it. :)
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  4. I've been watching. Charged two today. One right after the other no fan.

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  5. Not once. I've 2 batteries, 8 - 10 charges on each. Maybe in warmer weather...?
  6. Autel answered my question.
    It's normal.

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  7. I did too lol.
  8. Good luck.[​IMG]
  9. The fan will probably come into play with the older batteries or warmer weather, no fan activity here yet. I haven't tried to charge a battery hot from discharge.
  10. What non stock charger are you using? I have been desperately searching for a diy option to rapid charge or charge more than one at a time. Seems silly they don't have an option for either when trying to compete with the phantom. Went to bestbuy today looking for batteries, which nobody seems to have in stock. Saw some other drones there that were about sane cost as this one, but cane with 4 batteries and a multi bay charger as well as a 369 degree camera. I am starting to feel like I jumped the gun and maybe the premium was not the best decision. I always try to get the little guys stuff, customer care is important and usually the little guy makes better stuff. But a drone that lasts 20 min in a battery and a charger that charges one battery at a time and takes an hour, seriously? I would have to have 4 batteries to add just one additional charged by the time the other three empty. After that 5th battery, ur done for several hours. Granted that's an hour and a half of fun, but when you drive two hours to a cool location, you kind of want more time with the drone.

    So anyone build anything to do better at it? Or use an alt charger that does better?
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  11. Good post Sage. Hope Autel is "listening".
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  12. Funny how it worked out. I read this thread a day or 2 ago and never heard my fan run on my charger. Today I heard a weird and unusual noise and went in search of the source and sure enough it was the fan on my charger running !!! I guess it works The battery was from yesterday so it was cool. The fan ran for a few minutes and stopped. Battery felt cool to the touch. All good I guess!
  13. The fan has run occasionally on mine since new and now after 38 charges. But my battery is being replaced on warranty due to low voltage and short flying time.
  14. Awesome Roosty!!! Glad to hear that worked out!!!
  15. Was about to ask about this. I charge the battery that came with the drone, no fan. I charge the spare I bought at the same time, fan immediately and almost continuously.
  16. sounds like the charger is working harder to charge your spare. Check the voltage and see if you can diagnose the battery with the app.
  17. For the curious, I got a pair of add'l spares on Friday from Best Buy. One did not activate the fan at all, the other did for about 10 seconds and that's it on back to back charging.

    If you want to think too much about this, the orange batteries either don't or on minimally activate the fan, but it goes constantly on my white spare (the only one I could get from Autel before I know Best Buy had them).

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