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  1. Ok guys talk me down from the ledge. I love my Autel but lately have just been pretty fed up with it's inaccurate and sporadic behavior. I can get the thing to fly in a straight line to save my life. I was trying to fly over a boat dock today and it kept veering left. I shoot real estate and I'm in tight spots at times. I need this thing to function properly. My buddy told me not to buy the Autel because of these issues. I'm starting to think he's right.

    Any ideas?

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  2. Recalibrate the controler???

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  3. I tried that plus sometimes it wil randomly start spinning.

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  4. Did you call Autel? If not, call them, they will get it resolved. This is not normal as far as I know. I have never had issues with that.
  5. Have you tried re-binding the unit to the controller?
  6. Until now I have never heard of this issue. This sounds like something unique to either your bird, controller, or possibly the area you are flying in (notice I did not mention head space and timing I am assuming this isn't the issue). I would try a different location and see if it does the same and assuming you did everything correctly (compass calibration ect) I would then contact customer support.
  7. To add to this things like KP index (geomagnetic storms that could cause fly aways or other odd behavior) should be looked at there are multiple apps out there that provide up to data on things like this, both Kittyhawk, AirFlow and Hover. I also have had nothing but a great experience with my XStar, and have had it looked at for an issue and it was resolved and back to me.

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  8. It's the wind, I have the same problem. I only notice it when I fly low to the ground shooting things like real estate. You will never notice it if you're flying over fields or open spaces but if you're flying low to the ground over a driveway, fence row or something like that you'll notice it every time. It doesn't take much when, even 5 miles an hour will cause this problem.
  9. Talk me.down, guys......

    I've never experienced "sporardic" behavior with my XSP.

    I've done long flights, and close autonomous missions.

    Grow up, and learn to fly...

    Especially if you're doing it for pay.
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  10. Don't know if I am 'grown up' enough to answer this question, but I have been in some pretty tight, windy spots close to the ground w/o any issue, but then I wasn't going much more than a crawl to avoid hitting rocky ledges. I will say that with wind and momentum, all bets are off. Practice, practice. Good luck!
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  11. Flew my XSP yesterday just after a storm when rain dried up. Wind stayed and had gusts around 15 to 20mph. You could hear it work to stay in position but it did it's job and didn't get pushed around much at all. I would like to hear how it gets resolved in case others have a similar issue.
  12. Well, hope you guy's have some good times. keep an eye on the fact that if you see commands getting slow or lacking you might be in for a fly away. I got 5.6hrs and now I have to send it back for a fix.
  13. Keep it near and low for a while. My last fly away I was at 300ft and it took off the side. I too had some sporadic moves on my xsp. now it's off to the shop. after the 2ed fly away and the camera landed in the water. and they say that may not be covered
  14. What firmware version were you using? So only precursor was a noticeable delay with control response? That would be the worst experience, sorry to hear.
  15. when I turn the controller on it a fast flash. V1.0.0.11 I think. the xsp and remote will not connect now!

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