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  1. I just bought a set of PolarPro Filters.

    If you have been using ND filters with the X-star what has been your experience with the settings.

    I have found if the exposure is not right on I get a green tint.

    I'm shooting ultra 4K so I set to ISO 100 6oth sec. EV 0

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  2. I had a set of the ND/Polarizing filters and was very disappointed with the results. The exposures were excellent but the color output was not good. Everything looked lower saturation than the camera without filters. I sent them back.
  3. i have a ND4/Pola on this video and i did not notice any colorimétric drift in comparaison to fixed shots that are made with 24x36 Nikon D800 in neutral mode in the same video with the same light.

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