Firmware Update

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Slimjimtell, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. I was on chat with Autel today about a quick question I had.

    I asked them about the firmware update, and this was their answer...

    "Still in Testing"
    "It will be a completely different bird after the update"

    Must be some good things...
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  2. Excellent
    Will it have a magic button to get rid of winter :)
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  3. They could call it a move to Ga. button. Tee shirt winter this year.
  4. Let's Hope it is after all this time...
  5. I wonder if they mean by a completely different bird do they mean that it will be restricted like DJI drones.

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  6. The best thing about the XTR is that it is NOT like it's competitors...
    We don't have flyaway issues, no help from the manufacturer and constant complaining about the product and poor service. It's just not Autel's game plan.

    Most of the updates that we all want are NICE to haves, not HAVE to haves. (Starlink device compatibility an issue)

    So anything they do will be a plus plus for everyone.

    Is there anything you say is a HAVE to have?
  7. Yes there is. I would like to HAVE a bunch of money to buy a second one and the new camera. :)
  8. Only complaint I have is the interference issue. Give me a smooth yaw and I'd still screw it up. I just use orbit mode and orbit around the drones location for a smooth 360° view.

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