Firmware Version 2.0?

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  1. There is a YouTube video explaining version 2.0 is available and how to install it. The video shows to go to the Autel website, downloads, select your model of X-Star, and download the firmware. Problem is, the new version is not there. It still has 1.1.3. Has anyone been able to see and get the new version as yet? The YouTube video was posted on July 26th. Good news is the new version fixes some issues and adds a few features as explained in the video. Looks promising when it shows up for downloading.
  2. I called customer service and they sent me the link. It is a beta version. Actual 2.0 is quite ready yet. They explained that they didn't want to make two videos. I have downloaded it but have not tried it yet.

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  3. I recently downloaded and installed the new 2.0 firmware and all seemed well with the install. I took the drone to a place where I have flown before with the same tablet and USB cable I used before the upgrade. I experienced quite a few more video drop and distorted signals than ever before on the old firmware plus a couple of return to home out of range issues. I made sure I had the antennas extended and was facing the drone flight path. Has anybody else had this problem? I even took it to another location where I have flown before (in case something had changed I was unaware of) and had the same issues. Very weird. I have tried to contact Autel and so far I have not received a return call.
    Has anybody ever returned to the previous firmware? I have the old file, but I'm not sure it will go backward in firmware without causing issues.
  4. No, there is no way to go back.
  5. I used 2.0 for the first time today. I found it worked well. The dance it did on landing is gone. It lands very solidly .
    It also seemed faster flying than before.

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  6. That's great if it does correct that bouncing on landing. I've always hated that with my Q500+ too. I can usually manually land my quads smoother than using automatic landing.
  7. I am experiencing lost video when flying after upgrading the firmware but no longer get the interference messages and the buzzing sound that drove me crazy prior to the update. This is a beta release so hopefully they will resolve the video signal issue (assuming nothing is wrong with my drone or remote) once its officially at version 2.0.
  8. As a new user, I was quite frustrated with the "Magnetic Interference" and "Compass Calibration" errors I was getting. And they quickly led to a crash (big surprise, right?) into an immovable oak tree. Lucky damage was not worse.
    The beta firmware seems to have cured that at a stroke. I flew it in the dangerous confines of my house lot with trees everywhere, drone flew steady even in some wind. The only thing this rookie noticed was that it "returned home" to a spot about 10 feet from where it took off, closer to where I was sitting under a tree. Trees and drones don't mix well.
    Is "return home" to spot of departure or where operator is?
    How did Autel apparently get rid of the magetic/compass problems??
  9. When the drone takes off, it's current location at takeoff becomes the new "Home" position unless you override that manually. If you watch the Starlink screen when you take off, a message will appear to the effect of "home position updated". Since it uses GPS to establish the home point, and GPS does have some error, it will rarely return to the exact same point. How far off is a function of the current GPS signal quality.
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  10. Yes, if I remember to turn on the ipad volume, I hear "her" saying "taking off", and "home position updated". Just wasn't sure which position that is.
  11. Downloaded the latest firmware today. Flew one battery. Love it. Never found any negatives. My download worked flawlessly.

    Not sure about vertical up speed, but down is definitely faster. Not something I felt a need for unless flying very high and wanting to come home.

    Not sure about horizontal speed, but the "stops" are much faster. I needed that. I do a lot of videoing of moving targets in confined space. My first crash was because of working along a treeline and thought the drone would react to stick controls quicker than it did. Backed into a tree.

    I played with the yaw control a little. It was set on 0.50. I finally settled on 0.40. Will play with that some more. I really needed this feature!!!! Now the initial movement of the stick doesn't cause a jerky immediate movement of the drone. Actually have to move the stick half a stroke to get that. Full stick movement still yaws the drone faster than I'd ever need. This feature will smooth my movements and make me look better as a pilot on video. I need all of that help I can get. :)

    Generally feels like quicker stick control. Some of this will require a learning curve on my part. But it's in a good direction so it'll all be good.

    I "catch" my drone when landing. The shutdown of the props is much, much faster, which is good.

    Anxious to do some videoing and putting these improvements into practice.

    So far it's been a good upgrade for me. :)
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  12. For all you beta testers: I am having the problem of a titled horizon when I yaw. Is the beta software addressing this issue?

  13. Actually I didn't mention this because I couldn't experiment and verify.

    I'm running a replacement Gimbal that I've had less than a month. First thing I noticed about is was it's "tilt". I had to adjust it with every flight. On the viewer s reen and any pics/video I shot the horizon was low on the left side. I had to remember to adjust with every flight. Really sucked. Especially when in a hurry.

    After the update my gimbal is now level upon launch and requires no adjustment. Go figure.....
  14. Did anyone see that was a zoom feature Added? Or is that me wishful thinking?

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  15. Yes there is - your camera has to be set up to less than 4K, and you use a pinch action on Starlink app to use it. I personally have not tried it.
  16. Thanks. I'll give it a try next time up.
  17. ovrszd,
    I too have had that problem with my replacement XSP and I have learned to 'live with it' and do the adjustment. What I am concerned about is the horizon tilting while yawing. If I yaw right, the horizon tilts left and vice versa. And this is not just a small amount, it is quite noticeable. (Though I am glad to hear the initial adjustment is not necessary now).
  18. Oh sorry, I misunderstood. I've never had that problem. I'm not technically proficient enough to even understand how that's happening. Hopefully someone has an answer.
  19. I assume you do have the gimbal set in "stabiziled" mode.
  20. If you have upgraded to the first beta software (v1.3) but not the 2nd (v2.01), I recommend that you update to the latest, which was released yesterday. Some report that it seems to contain fixes for the gimbal tilt issue.

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