First crash - Gimbal out of whack?

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  1. Guess it was bound to happen. On Sunday I take the XSP up, decent problems. I come in for a landing..clear view of it and about 100ft out, 50 ft up, I get a "Compass Abnormal" alert on my app, states it's going into 'ATTI mode - move away from interference.' I look back up at the drone and before I could do anything it's hovering for 1/2 second, then violently sways to the right then left, drops and hits the street at a 45 degree angle (no people/animals thankfully!) No idea what happened, I have flown from this location 3 times already with no problems.

    I ran over and it's upside-down, propellers still fully running, the RC was not responsive at first, but finally i was able to failsafe it, shut the entire thing down.

    Fearing the absolute worst, I inspect it and it looks fine. The shell has one tiny scrape, barely see it..that's it, the camera, gimbal both look ok. Only damage I see are the propellers, those were shot. Fine I have the spare blades Autel gives us. I remove the old blades, check the rotor stems / motors.. appear ok. Took it for a brief test flight on my way home..and far away from this previous location. It starts up, flies ok no erratic movement, landed smoothly. So I'm thrilled. I pack it away and go home.

    Well after flying it this morning, it looks like I didn't quite escape problems. Again flight is ok, but I see when I hover and turn, the level is completely off. It seems the gimbal tries to slowly correct itself. But any slow spin tilts the camera now. Horizon is totally off. I tried different settings in the main menu. Doesn't seem to make a difference.

    So I guess the question here is, is there any adjustment I might be missing? Has this happened to anyone else after a crash, is there a DIY fix or this something that needs to be professionally repaired?

    This stinks but I know this could have been far worse, it's amazing the drone is not in pieces after the hit it took. It's a tough little drone!

    (Clip from this morning, gimbal roll and horizon is way off)
  2. have you tried resetting camera to default

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  3. Yeah tried that, also removing the camera attachment from the body and putting it back. Even checked the balance on the props to see if this was an issue, those are ok. (thinking everything at this point)
    Took it up briefly again this morning..the horizon starts off ok, then this tilt starts up. I adjusted gimbal roll..went as far as -1.6 and then that was level..but then it slowly tilts again. Came back, reinstalled firmware, it did update a few things on the drone (sonar, 2 other updates), no updates with gimbal, camera though..those were listed as up to date. Still would like to try it once more after it stops raining. It flies..but right now I'm not trusting 100% on long distance flights or anything about 100ft. I need it checked out

    I contacted Autel on Wednesday, left message, they called back in about 25 min. explained what happened briefly - they sent me an email to fill out for a return. Labeled "Warranty Eval" I have yet to hear back from them.
    Since this is the first time I had a problem, not sure how long it does take for them to get back to me?
  4. Anxious to hear the results. Bummer that you are having this problem....
  5. They told me for my warrany evaluation it could take up to 14 days to hear back.
  6. They emailed me around 1pm ET with a shipping label, RMA number. Instructions on how to return drone. (Return drone with RC in the hard case..that's it.) I packed it up and dropped it off at the nearby Fed Ex facility around 2:30, it will ship Monday morning..5-7 days to get to Washington state. Heck, the sooner I get it out, the sooner I get it back.

    Email states "Once we receive the aircraft, we'll do a flight log evaluation and determine the root cause of the malfunction. The repair process will go from there. ** The evaluation, repair and shipping procedure can take our techs up to 14 days to complete." (I realize that's a templated email)

    So I guess right now I expect this to take - at the very least - 3 weeks. It's use in getting depressed about it anymore - and I admit I was really bummed out earlier in the week.
    As long as the problem(s) get fixed.

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