First Flight: From the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by bkkcom, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. 1st flight ever with 1st drone ever.....two words - LOVE IT! While I was waiting for delivery, I read everything I could about the X.....followed the directions, registered the drone, and working on getting certified on FAA Part 107. After looking hard at the P4P and the Yuneec H, gotta say.....Love this drone.....not all the bells and whistles of the other two, (nor the $$$$) but it is a really nice build, with good software....I will keep the "training wheels" on for a while, but GREAT first experience! Now to purchase ND filters and another card........
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  2. Great
    What firmware version did it come with and did you have to update it?

    Autel has some new ND filters coming out by tiffen. Looking forward to trying those out.
  3. I downloaded Starlink V1.3.48......and coming from a Broadcast video background, glad to hear Tiffen is making some filters......hopefully they will be available in their HT series! All filters are NOT created equal.
  4. Flight control V1.08.42
    Camera V0.0.0.041
    DSP V0.01.47
  5. I had polarpro ND4, ND8 & ND16 on my Typhoon Q500 CGO3 camera. I liked them better then the freewell filters.
    And then you talk to other people they liked the freewell filters better LOL

    I do think the Autel needs ND filters to cut out that banding of the props you see sometimes in videos when they are heading into the sun.
    Heck the weather be been having its either bright and sunny but -35 F or is overcast and cloudy. To cold to fly and to cloudy to use filters :)
  6. OK they had 1.2.8 firmware out for a while then for some reason they pulled it from the site. Was just wondering if some units went out with this already on them.
  7. I was looking at the Polar Pro also.....but I have had a pretty good experience with Tiffen for over 25 years with broadcast cameras.....Even within Tiffen's there are variations in their products lines, but overall if the image is of great importance to you, buy the best piece of glass that you can find.....I gotta say for my first flight today, I was pretty impressed for the quality of that little camera (for the money of course)...... looking forward to UV/ND filtering
  8. thanks for the heads up on the firmware.... I may just stay where I'm at for now unless it starts to get wonky.
  9. There is new firmware coming out soon. How soon is the question. It is suppose to have a few good changes. I'm in no hurry to get garbage firmware so if they need more time for testing that's fine by me.
    Good luck on your part 107.
    Wish we had that here in Canada. It would make things so much simpler.
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  10. Thanks Jagerbomb.....I was just texting Dan at Autel.......the next firmware update will be Q1 and quote "its gonna be a BIG one"...hope the weather clears for you soon
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