First Flight with Skyreat Extenders

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    I flew in an area near my home where I know I get interference and shorter distances. I have never been able to get more than 2600 - 2800 feet in any direction around there and it's often less than that before the RTH kicks in. Today the weather is sunny and clear with wind no more than 10-mph but, mostly less. My altitudes varied between 350 - 380 feet. There is a long patch of trees about 15 feet behind me and other patches scattered about. I'm in a leveled off flood control area where there is long open area but it's surrounded by wooded areas and a couple of close housing developments. There's lots of wi-fi in the area. I was able to get past 1-mile for the first time ever! When the RTH kicked in, I noted 1.06 miles on the display. I'm very happy with that. I'm even happier that the video interference warnings were less frequent. When they did happen, I didn't notice any real video loss or interference. Only when out near the mile did I get screen freeze and actual loss of video. Video also recovered quickly and never stayed blacked out for the entire RTH trip. I flew two flights in opposite directions with similar results of a mile or more each. I'm pretty happy with the Skyreat extenders, and believe i can get more distance in a truly remote area but, for me, a mile is way more than I need to go.

    NOTE: I made a change to the quoted distance. It was 1.06 miles rather than 1.02. Not huge but still a little longer.
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  2. Great report Lab!
  3. Thanks! I'd also like to note that my devices' wi-fi was turned off. I'm still using the Galaxy Tab A, 7".
  4. Sounds great. mine are on the way. long boat ride. why didn't you the camera on?
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    The camera was on. I had the Galaxy Tab A's wi-fi turned off. Don't need to have the wi-fi of the device on for a live view.
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    Sorry, will attempt to delete.
  7. Hi Nitram. You probably want to create a new thread about your issue as to not have this thread go off topic.
    Make sure you are out of beginners mode. It should not stop at any distance out of beginners mode unless a setting is wrong.
  8. Hi Nitram! Yes... please create a separate thread for this question and we'll be happy to help you. Please tell if you are getting any messages when it "stops", and does it just stop or, go to RTH?

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