First short Flim/Vlogish video.

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  1. Hey guys wondering if anyone else doing this .

    Making videos with all types of footage and combine it with autel footage to make a short flim.Really interested in other short flims with mix footage with the autel.If so post it here lets help each other out and improve editing .

    This was shot in Sunshine coast Australia.Just made short flim out of it .Autel footage starts 1:30 if you dont wanna see the other footage

    Shot with a

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  2. Beautiful work! I like your use of slo-mo.

    I'm working on mixed media source projects myself. XSP, iPhone 6 with Zhuyin Smooth 2 gimbal, and standard point-and-shoot digital camera. I hope to post up my first attempt soon.

    Again, very nice work.
  3. Thank you much appreciated.

    Iphone 6 with the gimbal gonna look real nice.looking forward to seeing your work ! .
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  4. Hey mate, good on you! I'm just getting started and am curious about mixed media as well. I've discovered there is a lot to think about even before shooting. You are way ahead of me, though! Thanks for the post.
  5. Very nice.

    I'm assuming a LOT of video is shot and edited to get the short film.

    What edit program are you using?

    Showing my age here..... Remember the ancient times before personally owned video equipment? Shooting still pics on 35mm film and sending them off for development? Getting the lics, all excited, throwing 3/4 of them away because they didn't turn out good? :)

    Isn't the digital age great? :)
  6. Thanks man so much .You gotta start somewhere . I would with what you have than keep making videos . With enough feedback you'll get better and better .
  7. Yea i mean short films can be how many cuts you want . I like to make it flow with the music .I'm using premiere pro cc but if you have mac Final cut is also very good . I remember when things were on film and waited to get developed.I was very young than . My first camera i brought was digital .
  8. I was 45 when I bought my first digital. Now, 20 years later, my Cell Phone takes better pics than that $400 Sony camera did. :)
  9. This one I put together this spring combines my chest harness held camera for the first two minutes or so and then shifts to the Autel drone view as I drive. Lots of editing and cutting of course.
  10. Very nice Roosty and you are quite brave to have it fly so close to your car and btw the engine's rumble sound is great to hear.
  11. I really like the sounds in this video and how the video is in letterbox pillarbox video thanks for sharing .

    What editing software you using ?
    Did you use the follow me feature ?
  12. I love your old Merc. My toy is a 1962 Ford Econoline pick-up with a straight-6 144, 3 on the tree and manual everything. Don't drive her much anymore... Here's a picture. She's a little more weather-worn now - this picture is from 2002.

    62 Econoline 3.JPG
  13. Windows live movie maker is what I use to edit and save the movies. And yes, the follow mode works well on the XstarP.
  14. Great Vid RRM300 and very interesting landscape where you live.
  15. Roosts6 I'm Always so scared to use the follow me mode . I will get it a try

    Thanks so much Normex really appreciated
  16. Follow worked so well for me. I've used it several times without any problems. Just remember to set the altitude a little higher than the trees it will be flying over.
  17. Thanks for the video . Its good to see that it can handle cool temps .I have a question have you upgrade the beta firmware yet ?
  18. I have done no upgrades or updates. Just using it as it came straight out of the box last December.
  19. You would love it now with this new update but no sense to change if you like what you have.
  20. Ohhh okay well i think i might try it this week with the new update .I'll post to see how it goes .I've made another video just of trains in new york hope you guys enjoy

    Shot with Sonya7rii Autel at 4K

    To the community if you guys have video please share lets keep this Thread going with creativity

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