Fitting props to Autel drone in the Autel case

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Normex, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. First I am very sorry if this was posted somewhere here but for the sake if some were not aware here is a YouTube on how one can fit their X-Star in the Autel case with the props on.

    Here goes:

    Let me know if it is helpful.

  2. It has been somewhere here. I personally don't want to hack my case up. And have added the prop guards on mine do to tip overs when just on the ground and props running (wind gusts ) so it wont fit anyways.

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  3. Have you tried catching your drone rather than landing on the ground?

    I haven't landed on the ground in the last 60 flights or more.
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  4. It may be a different Yourtuber but the one I saw that cut up his case to fit the drone in it with the props on posted a video a few weeks later saying he has problems with cracked arms on his drone. The two issue may not be related, but then again they just might be. Carrying your drone the props on could put pressure on the arms and it only saves you 30 seconds on set-up time. Personally, I need to inspect my props before each flight so I like to do that before I install them.
  5. Yes, I had a few tip overs on landing before I decided that hand retrieval at about the six foot level was safer. Now that is all I do.
    My nephew just bought a case for his Phantom that will hold the drone with props still on and it seems to work well.
  6. I plan to cutout the Autel case and I will allow enough width so the props don't hang on the side plus once the rough cut and proper width achieved I plan to use a butter knife heated so to even the cut out nice not the rough cut outs on the Internet, oh well gonna try my best.
    I just came back flying my small MJX X400 $60.00 drone as the batteries last only 7 to 8 minutes but its good practice as I have 4 batteries and since it does not have the hover in place and things like that, just pure quadcopter flying which make practice needed to get better.
  7. Normex, big change for you will be the intelligence of the XSP. You gotta learn, when things get a bit crazy, let go of the joysticks. The drone will hover in place.
  8. Ok many thanks and good to know.

    Take Care

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