Flight at Maymont park over the James rva

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Eyekayu, Jan 29, 2017.

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  2. Did you have to ask for permission? I live in Richmond, and I bet Maymont would be beautiful to fly over in the spring.
  3. I did not ask permission nor was there a sign saying no drones. I was literally in mid flight when their security guards ran up on me like I was smuggling drugs. Lol. They said if I crash my drone becomes theirs. Lol. Little do they know that since maymont is not restricted space they can't touch my drone. Bc I did not want to cause trouble I complied. But I agree.. maymont would be a nice place to film. Ironically you can fly in Byrd park right next door. Go figure.

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  4. Interesting. From what I have read of the laws, you can fly wherever you want if the airspace is open except national and state parks (without written permission) However, if you land on someone elses property it becomes trespassing. Any other flying spots you recommend in RVA?
  5. For film all the parks around here is pretty decent especially browns island. For long distance I haven't found any good spots yet. Bryan park. 3 lakes park is decent. Let me know if you have any good spots for long distance. But you are correct about the laws. That Maymont guard does not know what he's talking about.

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  6. Well with the Skyreat reflectors I have gotten 1.1 miles or so from my apartment complex going down azalea avenue. best ive done so far. What range are you averaging around here?
  7. Around here only about a half a mile

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  8. In Virginia the Northern Neck area is the best place to fly in my opinion

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  9. I get you on landing... Technically I wasn't flying at Maymont. I was over the river. I and the controller was at Maymont.

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  10. I plan to fly at the scenic overlook near Staunton. Goes into a nice valley. I imagine I could get some serious distance there.
  11. Please post a vid when you do

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