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Discussion in 'General' started by Aerodrone1, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Anyone figured out how to access the flight log? On page 36 of the manual it indicates there's an icon, which I see, but it's grayed out and does nothing. Autel says I have to connect a laptop and complete several steps to see the log. A friend has a Phantom and all he has to do is connect his tablet to the controller and the flight log is available.
  2. You can access some but not all flight records. Its not all that easy to get telemetry information but it can be done. Hopefully next update will provide a better way to access this information.
    Some have tried but unless you know what you are doing or looking for I say good luck :)
  3. I think this is something Autel needs to develop and make it available as an upgrade. Easy access to the flight logs is important.
  4. It is available on the beta test version. I think it was Augustine that posted the process to download. Do a search on his name and you should find it. Flight data will only be available from the time you load the beta version. It also has some other cool options that are grayed out in the current version. The beta version is V2.0.2.22

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  5. Thanks for the info. Wonder why the folks at Autel didn't tell me this?
  6. I believe it will also be rolled out in the update coming out next month.

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