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  1. Does anyone know how to read the *.bin log files or convert them to *.csv?
  2. I was wondering myself and found this on you tube.

  3. 3 min of my life that I'll never get back.
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  4. Where do I find flight logs?
  5. Greetings everyone,
    I am bumping this because I'd also like to know where the flight logs are stored, and how to decipher them. The Parrot Anafi does a pretty good job of what I am looking for, tracking flight path, battery , time, distance, etc. graphically.

    This Evo being an even more advanced & robust aircraft I would only assume does it even better. So far I am beyond happy with this aircraft, especially the build quality, but would really like the flight logs for legal purposes, and to keep track of number of hours flown. IT would help me with my commercial endeavors with this UAS. Anyone have any ideas?

    THanks in advance.
  6. There are currently no flight logs available for the EVO... Autel said they will be coming soon. How soon is the question
  7. Ok so now they are logging flights! going into the app I can see the log and replay it and I know it is store in the "cloud". Does anyone know if we can view those flight logs outside of the Autel Explorer app?
  8. I have been discussing flight logs with Autel Support. Here is their email answer -
    "As I mentioned, your flight logs are not files that you have access to and can open up outside of the Autel Explorer app. They will already have GPS coordinates overlaid when you view them in your app as well as all of your flight telemetry for the duration of that flight." In further discussion with them, 1) they open the flight logs to 'explorer' last week. 2) they have no intention of opening them to the pilots/owners. This is a big negative for me, as I need to overlay the 4k60fps video with flight telemetry data. There is no way to do this in explorer.
  9. Couldn't you do this with a screen capture app like az screen recorder? I am not sure of the 4k60fps but you can get the telemetry overlay.
  10. No. 1) The maximum resolution to the controller/android device is 1080p. So the screen capture would be at best this resolution. 2) You have no editing capabilities to the format of the overlay. 3) There is no way to get telemetry on the 4k60fps video in explorer.
  11. Sucks they wont release the logs to pilots. I always thought it would be nice to have the logs in case of some legal issues and being able to prove my flight path and telemetry would be useful.
  12. Well okay then, guess it's time to cash in and look in a different bird. Sorry the EVO didn't work out for you personally I think it's a great drone
  13. I just received my Evo. Autel's failure to release the log files for overlay is a problem, but I hope they reconsider their position on this. In the meantime, I have verified the Evo's GPS location data is on the automated subtitle file (.ass file discussion in this forum). I have verified the initial GPS data is there and will play back properly. This is a text file that can be easily edited.
  14. I realize this topic might be a bit stale, but looking at some of the techniques used for forensic crash analysis by sar104 over on the MavicPilots forum might be helpful for what you are trying to do.

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  15. I have resolved my issue. The gps data is available on the Autel Explorer screen during a flight. I have been able to move the gps telemetry placement anywhere on the screen. That does allow me to use screen capture sw (such as AZscreenrecorder) to capture the EVO's live video feed with the GPS data and most of the flight data (and camera data) on it. For the video on the Evo sd card, turning on the caption file provides a subtitle file(.ass file) with the GPS data I need. Most video players support subtitles, but most do not support the automated .ass files. There is a free windows subtitle converter (ASS2SRT.exe) which converts the .ass subtitle files to .srt files. SRT subtitle files are supported by most of the video players. Having it on the screen is simply a matter of turning the subtitle function on or off.
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