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  1. I live just inside that 5 mile circle at 4.43 miles near a small airport.
    Has anyone had to call the tower if you live inside the 5 mile circle?
    Where you denied ?
    Did you have to give them 2 hours notice before you went up?

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  2. Called tower. Flight coordinator was gone.
    They asked me a few questions.
    Gave me permission to fly from 6 to 630.
    He suggested I call tomorrow and speak to flight coordinator about future flights.
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  3. That's cool. Sounds like they will be reasonable people to deal with. Keep us informed on how it goes.
  4. Ok. New info on my flight path. Called the tower ops. manager.
    That person added my physical address into their FAA certified radar data.
    By their figures I am not 4.43 miles out from the 5 mile flight path.
    I am 9.4 miles total out from the tower.
    So I am just about 4 miles out side that 5 mile radius.
    So I am good to fly any time. They did inform me to stay under 400ft ceiling.
    Guess that my apps. Is a close guess to the flight pattern.
  5. Think I mentioned to you that those apps where not all the accurate a while back did I not? LOL
    Have fun flying now get out there and put some flight time on that sucker.
  6. You may have. But there is so much to learn. And maybe even a little to forget!
    I still can't seam to change the alt. In the beginner mode.
    Maybe that's the way they want it. But id like to put in like 150ft. Just in case battery goes down and it goes into RTH on its own.
    The way it's set up under beginner it goes to 92ft. I believe.
    Correct me if O am wrong.
    Thank you.
  7. Beginner mode you can not Change anything

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  8. So what mode is the next best one?
    And then I should be able to put in my own alt.
  9. Take it out of beginner mode change your settings to what you want. I first used the slowest speed and GPS mode.
    If you move the switch on the side to IOC mode the quad will move in the direction you move the sticks no matter which way the nose is pointing.
    ATTI mode will not work (no GPS) unless you have it switch over in the APP also.

    If you feel comfortable with the sticks go right into the GPS mode.
    Fly in a wide open area till you feel comfortable.
    Just practice practice practice

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