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  1. I am a definite newbie at this and need more information on the flight status 'icon'. I have checked the manual (page 40) and a few you-tube videos but can't find what I need to know. What information I get is the arrow shows the yaw or direction the craft is facing. Facing compared to what? I stand directly behind the craft and the arrow points off to a side, not straight up (or forward) like I would expect. So what exactly is the direction or yaw of the craft being compared to? I am concerned as I begin to get more 'brave' and send the craft out to further and further distances that I will not be able to manually return to home. How would I use the flight status to orient and return the craft to home manually? Thanks
  2. Newbie here as well.

    Are you talking about the small circle in the top center of the screen with the goldish colored delta wing in it? The wing turns as the craft yaws?

    If so, after you launch and move horizontally off the launch point the symbol moves from the center of the circle. Now you can see a white dot in the center. That dot represents your launch point. I only look at this feature if my drone is a distance away and I want to know if it's pointing toward "home" or away. So for example if I'm flying over terrain I'm not familiar with and I am ready to come home I yaw the drone until the symbol is pointing at the white circle and joystick forward movement. To verify I check my horizontal distance from home and ensure it's getting smaller.

    Sorry I can't be more "technical" in my descriptions.... :)
  3. ovrszd:

    I believe you answered my question very well. The next time I am out flying I will look for that white dot. Then it makes sense to yaw until symbol is pointing at white dot and using forward motion... and btw, I would not have understood a more 'technical' description. Yours was extremely USABLE! Thank you. Barry
  4. No problem Barry.

    There are some very knowledgeable posters on this forum. I often have to ask for explanation of what they are talking about. Wealth of experience and knowledge.
  5. That is true for the tablet/phone display. What about the display on the controler?

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  6. I would like to add another question (or two) related to this. What is the meaning of the green, orange and red colored outside circle? Well, while I am at it another related question. Do the lighter and inner (thin white circles) represent distance from home point? If so, what is the scale, if not what do they represent? As always, thanks.
  7. Okay, I figured out what the green orange and yellow mean. Any help on the inner white circles and lines. Thanks
  8. Post what you learned so others reading this thread in the future will know. They might have the same questions.
  9. ovrszd: You are right. From what I gather the green, yellow (probably not orange), red outside circle is a battery charge indicator. As the battery discharges the green part of the line gets shorter and shorter. I suspect yellow is the equivalent of warning and return to home while the red means the battery is at 10% and drone will land. (That is what I make of it all).
  10. Most correct. I heard that this also indicates if the battery has enough charge to return to home from its current position. Red meaning not enough.

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  11. Good stuff.

    Early in my flights I went downwind almost a mile. 15-20 mph wind. Drone could only get 10mph coming home. Battery went into critical mode and landed about 100yds from launch point.

    That's when I realized as smart as it is, it couldn't factor in wind speed.

    Now if I'm flying in windy conditions I am very aware of whether I'm downwind or not. If just playing around I fly into the wind on a fresh battery knowing I can get back home with a tailwind. :)
  12. I guess the moral of the story is don't let that outer circle get to red! Further moral, once it hits yellow (or even 'short green') head home pronto.
  13. Possibly. I've never paid attention to it. I watch battery time.

    I think if just playing, always play upwind. Sometimes you can't choose.

    One flight I was videoing moving farm equipment and lost track of battery juice. When I got alerted I was 1/2 mile away downwind. Drone was in critical land mode when I was able to grab it. :)

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