Flight Times ?

Discussion in 'EVO' started by Brian C., Aug 17, 2020.

  1. All of the information says up to 40 minuets of forward flight time. I have made half a dozen flights and never gotten more than 25 minuets of flight time. Is there a problem ?
  2. Flight time can be effected by different factors. Do you have avoidance on? Are you hovering a lot (this surprisingly to me uses more battery)? Also video recording settings. I have gone 30 minutes but I am usually under that. The battery safety feature will also land you starting around 10%.
  3. I don't believe any drone companies claimed flight times are realistic. If you want to move slowly and have a forced landing with a damaged battery you might get close 40 minutes. Usable for me is around 26-28 minutes. I seldom need to or try to stay up that long; hyperlapses are about the only reason I push much past 30% before I am headed down.
  4. Yes I have been flying with avoidance on, no I don't hover much and I have tried it with and without video running and had the same results.
  5. I agree, I'm ok with 25 Minutes. I have had several people ask if I am getting that much time (40 min.) on mine since that's what Autel claims and when I so no they want to know why they claim that then ! So was just wondering if anyone was getting any better times than I am, that's all !

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