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  1. Hello, new member here. I have flown or should I saw fought with and attempted to fly toy drones for the past few years. Had a couple of models but never really had much luck. Had a few good flights but with the slightest wind the drone would have to be controlled crashed 300 feet away from where it was supposed to be or stuck in a tree. :)

    I have always been fascinated with drones so I decided to step it up and just got an EVO a few days ago. Really trying to take it slow to learn as much as I can before I take the first flight which is planned for this weekend. The EVO seems to be well built. I have only connected it indoors for the purpose of learning the setting options. Really wish the unit wold have come with an instruction book explaining every drop down options in the menu to explain what they do. I had watched hours and hours of Utube to try and learn as much as possible. I have a large field behind my house that measures about 100yards by 230 yards so that will be my non-tree area to test the drone.

    I have already registered online with the FAA and have my FAA number on the drone via a label maker.

    a couple of questions.... 1) is there a booklet anywhere that explains the user functions or is that pretty much just trial and error? 2) when powered on, I hear what sounds like a cooling fan inside the drone. The unit I bought came with 3 batteries. Does the drone need time to cool down between battery swap- outs or can it be flown battery after battery without stress on the drone?

    AKA Drone Hick
  2. you bought a used EVO ? Get your money back NOW
  3. It is new. It was totally sealed. I found the manual. This was the EVO kit with the hard plastic with foam case. I had not thought to pull the custom mold from the hard case but when I did, all the manuel and other info was there. I had originally thought maybe they forgot to include it in my case..so my fault for not looking better.
  4. Excellent comeback drone hick, happy and safe flying

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