Flying through fog.

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  2. I put a video up on facebook almost like yours and a short time later I got bashed big time for flying recklessly in the fog. Seems one of the rules is not to fly into heavy cloud cover where you cannot see or they (planes) cannot see you.
    I thought it was cool, many did not.
    This is my video :)
    I liked yours
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  3. If an airplane approached you below 400 feet you would hear it coming, Many people just need to scold others.
  4. If an airplane is at or below 400 feet, it's crashing. They would have much bigger issues than your toy.

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  5. People will whine about anything. Good video!
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  6. Great video. I had the opportunity to fly thru heavy fog recently. I didn't fly long because of interference. Maybe the heavy fog. Also I thought that the moisture in the air would damage the electronics. Any thoughts or comments.
  7. I'd be more worried about icing on my props. It'll bring you down very effectively.
  8. Doesn't look like you were that high, do you know how high AGL you were flying? NO plane would be in that fog with clear skies so closely above, the first images were very cool, the above the fog stuff eeeh, I'd say not needed, should have kept it low so you could see the road that was much more interesting
  9. I know DJI suggests that the moisture from fog will render the gimbal useless, but will return to normal operation after drying, I think the fog will penetrate even more than rain would and might penetrate and saturate while rain might drip off without having a chance to screw with the electronics.

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