Flytron strobe (for flying the X-Star at night)

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  1. Has anyone reading this tried the Flytron? It was recommended by Autel Customer Support for the 3-mile visibility requirement for night flying.

    Checking the website, it looks like I may have to get it from Great Britain i.e., no domestic sources.

    OR... are there other strobes that you've used that aren't big power drains?

  2. I am about to try them on my premium...You can get them at Ready Made for the self contained battery version...No wires.....I have used them, the wired version, on my rc airplanes and they are very bright. RMRC is a great company...I don't have any connection to the company, just trying to help....
  3. Mike - I assume you have the Flytron Strobon Standalone, right? How do you mount it?
  4. Yep...standalone...Havent used it yet but I bought all, green, blue and white...if they are not in stock just have them email u when they come back in...they go fast....I suppose I will use Velcro...they are very light in weight....
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  5. Educate me please. Regulation says you have to be visible for 3 miles if flying at night? You are adding a light that meets that requirement? How is it powered?

  6. You are correct about the FAA regulation. I believe the one mentioned in the previous posts is self-powered, as that's all I'm interested in.
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    This is a short video showing the Strobon lights on my P4. The mounts on the back legs I made transfer over to my XSP as well so I can move the lights between aircraft.

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