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  1. My first attempt at an extended follow video yesterday. It worked well and managed to stay out of the trees.
  2. I wish it did better at keeping the radio location centered in the view. But meat video.

    Question, if you set it at 50 feet above the radio (I'm assuming that elevation is reported as a height above radio, radio bring zero) and drive up a hill with 20-30 foot trees, does the quad maintain 50 feet above the radio as you travel up and down the mountain pass, it does it lock elevation via satellite instead of via radio and this kamikaze itself into trees?

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  3. I don't know but assume the drone will maintain it's altitude in relation to the ground no matter if I am driving with the remote up and down hill. I was quite satisfied with how it turned out for a first attempt.
  4. They need to work on that flaw. Ground level can be smooth and level such as your video shows, or it can be very steep and constant changing, such as where I am. If you set at 50 feet, obviously it's 50 feet above the home setting, aka where you had the radio and initially turned on. So to be able to use this feature in the mountains you would need a passenger to constantly/manually change the elevation. But the catch is that you don't know the height AGL once you start moving, you only know the height offset compared to the home set.

    Bring that the radio has its own GPS, it could be configured that 50 feet is 50 feet above the radio, this makes much more sense. I wonder if DJI and Yuneec also do it like Autel or if they have matured to the point that this is taken care of?

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  5. I am willing to bet that it uses the sonar to determine how far from the ground it is and adjusts accordingly.

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