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  1. That follow feature is sure handy on the Xstar premium. I used it to make a short video of myself walking around the yard back in February. Added some old time music to it for background and it turned out ok.
  2. Nice video mind if a ask a couple of questions.
    1, Are you using a filter and if so which one.
    2, Which editing software are you using

    I am still pretty much a nobie when it comes to photography but a lot better at flying and like I said I really like the quality of your video.
  3. No filter used here. I'm using the
    No filter used here. I am using the free windows movie maker program on my laptop. I know there are better editing programs available but for now I am using what I have.
  4. May I ask a couple?

    Did you pre-position the drone and then it maintained it's height and distance based on that?

    Do you recall your height?

    I just ordered my XSP today. I'm very anxious to get it. My "gang" 4wheels a lot with Jeeps and offroad buggies we have made. I'm excited about videoing and taking still pics from the air.

    Thanks for your answers in advance!!!

    20150919_194116 (1280x720).jpg
  5. Yes, I set it at the height and position I want and then just start walking, or driving. I'm not sure on the altitude but I try to guess it at a little higher than any nearby trees. Usually about 80 feet or so.
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  6. Thanks for another great video!!!!

    Off subject, I noticed some rather large tracks in the snow. Moose? Not sure where you are. Your accent indicates North. :)

    Thanks again!!!
  7. South Saskatchewan. Yes, there are moose. Hoping to catch one on the drone camera some day.

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